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April 27, 2010



What a lovely and fun-looking Citron!

Hope you had a great weekend in the mountains.


Very pretty! You can see my progress on Citron on my blog today. Did you make yours larger???
OH, the mountains of NC! God's country!


It was so great to see you, as always! Maybe we can spend more time together at SAFF. Enjoy your time in the mountains.. it is supposed to be a bee-u-ti-ful weekend in NC! :)


You're so hip. ;)

Have fun this weekend!


Your Citron is gorgeous! I love the stripes.

D Iberg

Have a safe trip and wave at the Mountain for us as you drive by! :)


Citron looks lovely -- on the bears, just don't grill salmon!


I love the vibrant colors you chose!

Is there such a thing as bear repellent? If so, I'd stock up! Yikes!


Oh, it's lovely! I love the yarn you used. :)

Diana T

I counting on you and your rocks, Jane!

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