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September 22, 2008


The Chickengoddess

I am submitting my own personal pattern for your contest. It's almost deadline, but I finally got some time to pull a post together. The pattern is in the post.


my go-to sock is broad ripple from Knitty -
here are my aussie olympic coloured pair:

currently working on another pair and planning yet another


Well, I tend to use a basic toe up (that's right, Jane, I said TOE UP) on circulars AND magic loop! I adjust the stitch count to accommodate the stitch pattern, often borrowed from other sock patterns.
My basic pattern is adapted from
Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

Here is a sample:

Thanks for the contest, Jane!


hey Jane,
My favorite sock pattern is a 64 st sock and I just find different patterns that I can use with that amount of sts.
So that's it,
Remember I picked your name!!

Hope to see you soon,


I've never knit the same pattern twice for adult socks, so instead I'll offer you my favorite baby socks, the Baby Fixation Socks:

And a link to the first pair I ever knit:


well, i guess for creativity i suck.. unless you count the fact that i made my own sock blockers from old wire hangers, lol. My fav pattern is so mindless and a good old standby for basic socks. the pattern honestly came from the class i took for socks. As a self taught knitter turning the heel kicked my butt, so i took my first class... loved it! i can put this pattern away and so know where i left off! link here:


Here is a link to my contest entry

It was a part of my letter S. Scroll down a bit to see it.

Now that I've pared my sock yarn down a bit, I sure could use some new stuff!! LOL


I love the spring forward socks on knitty They were easy and fun and heres my pic of them
I would make these again no promblem!!


I'm working my way through my first sock and it's Baudelaire from (designed by Cookie A).

First time with sock/toe up/charts/magic loop. I started it a year ago and I'm still trying to finish it!

Blogged about it here:


The pattern I tend to fall back on is Feather and Fan pattern from "Socks, Socks, Socks!".


My windowpane socks are pretty fun -- see my ravelry projects page:

I figured out the length of one repeat of the colour, and then did mitered squares that each used up one repeat -- it ended up looking like windowpanes!

I also sprinkled some mitered squares into the foot of the sock to break up the pooling of the yarn (STR in Husky).


Since I designed these myself and I think they are really special here's my vote: my Crystals,'Combs and Cables Socks!
Here's my Rav link:
The beads are optional but they a pretty easy knit with lots of pizazz and a great fitting garter stitch heel with mini flap and gusset!
Enjoy :)


I'll bite.


but with a picot edge:


Well you know what my go-to pattern is. It's my own plain sock, top-down, sometimes with ribbing, sometimes with a picot. It's what I almost always knit. Here's the pattern link:

Here's one photo:

And another:


My favorite pattern is the Ampersand pattern located here:

Nothing fancy about my pictures, but here are the ones I made:


The pair of socks that I've made more than once are the socks from Handknit Holidays. I think the pattern name is Log Cabin Socks. I made them with the Cascade Pastaza and they are my favorite 'house socks'. Here is a picture of the ones I made over the Thanksgiving holiday 2 years ago. I don't own the book and I couldn't find the pattern in Ravelry, which seems odd, so I may have the name wrong.


My favorite sock pattern:
It is the first one that I used, and I return to it constantly when using any pattern as a guideline. My most recent socks based on that pattern:
and another


I'm entering in the non-sock-knitting category. Tiny needles hurt my hands :-( so I'm determined to try a sock loom: and I promise to try if I win your sock yarn :-)

Donna B.

My favorite? Deb Barnhill's Back To Basics socks. When you've done enough lace and frills and eyelet holes and shell scoops, and you need something elegant yet absolutely ingenious, these socks with ribs emerging from a top-of-the-foot gusset are soooo satisfying.

Link to Knitty pattern:

Link to a photograph of my very own Koigu PPPM version overlooking the San Diego waterfront:


red velvet? ok. i'll bite. RVC is my favorite cake of all time. now there's a colorway? my fav sock pattern is pretty boring, safe, and easy as pie. that's why i make it over and over again. it's from the Ann Budd book; Basic Sock Pattern. But i'm really dying, and trying, to knit a pair of monkey socks.

here's the photo:

here's the book it's from:


Oh Jane! Sadly I have knit only 2 pair of socks this year. I'm a sock slacker.


I use this basic recipe:,,DIY_14141_5489009,00.html , either plain or 2x2 ribbed,
with the short row garter heel that Haley taught me, and a garter toe.
Um, I don't know how to link from flikr, so, will send another comment when I do.

I just cast on Hypnosis from The Eclectic Sole.


I was going to link to Los manos Locos (the toe-up, no purl Monkey pattern I have knit eleventy-billion times, but I see that has already been done, lol. So I will go with my other fave go-to pattern, Charade, which I have also knit eleventy-billion times (including two pairs in Numma numma that I haven't photographed yet!).
Pattern link;

One of my Charades;

But my fave sock photo is of a pair of Monkey socks;


I am a Monkey fan ( I've knit 4 pairs - 2 for sock swaps and 2 for myself. I am not tired of knitting them. Here are some pictures of my monkey monkeying around with monkey socks:


OK - my currently favorite sock pattern is "La Digitessa" by Yarnissima. I love how she designed the sock - it has lot of Bavarian twisted stitches and cables. I finished sock no. 1 a while ago and I am all the way through the heel on sock no. 2, knitted toe up. Sorry Jane...

Here is a link to the pattern:

And here is a link to a picture of the sock I knitted:

It is not really a fancy picture. But at least it is on a Bavarian balcony at my best friend's apartment in Munich. ;-)


I seem to come back to Sockbug's River Rapids Socks time and time again I can think of at least 3 pairs I've knit. Truly my favorite if "fancy socks" are called for but I'd much rather just knit boring socks anymore.
The only shot of these I can find is pathetic but they are among my oldest socks!, knit maybe 2004 at the latest and still among my favorites to wear.


My favorite pattern is The Baby Cable Rib pattern in Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks. I don't even have to think what I'm doing when I knit socks with this pattern, which is what I need to do most of the time! Always toe-up, on either 1 or 2 circs.
Here is a link to the pair I made for my daughter.

La Verna

I saw this posted on the nummanumma board on Ravelry.I adore Allen's yarns.They are just so fab.My favorite socks I have ever knit are the Saucy Socks from Cider Moon.I knit them for a swap and used nummanumma Saucy.Here is the link to my project page!


wheeeeeee! sock contest!!!

I believe my current fav pattern, the one I could make again and again, would be Monkeys...BUT the TOE UP VERSION!!!

And here is Sadie modeling my lovely monos locos. She's such a good girl!

(hmmm, you're blog doesn't allow html comments! I can't link!!! I'll try to paste the links, I guess)

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