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November 30, 2006



Love the hat and mittens. Maybe I'll put the book on my wishlist.

Thanks for the inspiration.


LOVE your knitting!but going into Summer here so not reallyenvious of the articles.
That yellow plant you have phtographed looks suspiciously like Singapore turns really feral in our as tough as goats knees.
Hope Jim s well soon!


There is nothing more satisfying than a good warm hand knit hat! Except maybe good warm hand knit mittens.


Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

One year we have a Christmas/New Year's rose.

Those mitties look comfy,


Hope Jim is feeling better and that the new meds help your MIL. Your hat and mittens turned out really cool! I have that book, but it got lost in my to read pile - looks like I should pull it out.


Best wishes for Jim to get well VERY soon! Love your knitting - as always. The mitts and hat are GORGEOUS! Are you going to move to Alaska to wear them? I can't see us having any cold weather soon. Have a great weekend - hope to see you tomorrow at the SNB Holiday Party!


Weird weather here also, close to 70 this morning and forecast for snow Friday night. How about you just send that really nifty hat and mittens up here?


Your spinning looks awesome! I love the colors in the singles that you've got there.. This weather is definitely one big WTF?


The hat and mittens? Beautiful. As is the spinning. Pretty!


We're having the same wacky weather. Today we have a high of 74. Tomorrow we have a high of 41.

I like the hat and mittens. The Opinionated Knitter is on my list of books to buy. I hope your MIL and husband feel better soon.


I love that reversible hat! Is it double knit or just two put together?

My flowers also had a comeback with warmer weather, but it is cold again now.


I haven't seen that book yet but I always hear raves about all her books. It's a great hat! I really like the matching mittens too!
Your spinning is really looking wonderful Jane. That is really pretty fiber. Can't wait to see it plyed up!


Oh I love your hat and mittens, very cute.

So sorry to hear of your mil's illness. HOpe the antibiotic pills work so she can avoid a hospital stay.

hope your hubby feels back to normal soon too./


I'm so happy to see the roving turning into yarn! and BEAUTIFUL yarn at that! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Hope Jim feels better soon, and MIL too.


I love that hat! I also love the Opinionated Knitter; it's such a great book. It's like EZ is sitting in your living room with you.

Janice in GA

Is the hat double-knit? It's really handsome!

Best wishes to MIL and hubby. We missed you last night!


What beautiful mittens and hat! I love the spinning, too. I just did some wool/silk and it was wonderful to spin, although it took a little getting used to. (One of the first things I ever spun was a silk blend, and since no one told me it could be tricky, I didn't have any trouble with it!)

Hope everyone gets better soon.

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