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November 13, 2006



Best wishes to your son as he gets his license! Small planes scare me, but I can totally understand the thrill of wanting to fly.

I just know you will knit those stockings in time!! They are going to look great on the fireplace in your new home.


I can be supportive from the ground thank you!! I'd have to be unconscious to get in a plane that small!

Love the yarn and TOTALLY know you will complete those xmas stockings in time. You are that quick!


Oh! And good luck on your stocking project.


Eeep... small planes scare me... with my fear of heights, they just seem way too fragile.

Great yarn score!


You've got the right idea, to fiber fests! I know how you feel, though; I felt the same way when my daughter took a motorcycle class. I will admit though, I much preferred that she take that rather than just learning how to ride with the guys.


Go for the ride, Jane! It is SO much fun.

Several years ago my son (age 8 at the time) and I went up in a 4-seater at Kitty Hawk. I NEVER, EVER fly commercial, but I'd go up in a Cub in a heartbeat!

Hope your son has a great Tuesday and earns his wings!


Wow, a brave soul - both you and your son! I have been in a biplane once, and that was small enough, but we were only a few hundred yards up.

That color yarn is lovely, and it seems to fit the season. I have seen several other people using similar tones and they are perfect for the fall/winter.


My BIL lives south of Atlanta and he's sent us some gorgeous photos, too! Good luck with the flying!


My SO has been flying one of those little teeny planes (2 seater) for close to 40 years. The plane he owns now is as old as I am...and in far better shape! I share your feelings about flying, but the truth is, I've been up in one of those biplanes with the open cockpit a couple of times, and I sort of understand Wilbur and Orville and Charles and Amelia. Once you're actually in the air with your son, you will love it in spite of yourself.


how cool!! I had a co-worker who was taking pilot training at his college! He absolutely enjoyed it!


I've always thought it would be fun to learn to fly . . .


What fun! I wanted to give my husband flying lessons one year for an anniversary present, but I knew he'd like it to much and we could never afford him taking enough to get his license. So I got him a remote control airplane instead.

Both my grandfather and my great uncle were pilots. I never got to go up with my grandfather but my great uncle had his own plane so he took us up. His greatest tragedy in life was he had a stroke and couldn't fly any more, just a year later he died, and I think it was from a broken heart not being able to fly any more.

Janice in GA

My dad was a private pilot when he was younger. He loved to fly better than almost anything, though he couldn't afford to do it as much as he'd've liked to. He took me and my brother up sometimes from the little "airport" (actually just a level grassy field) in Forsyth. We were with him in a trainer once, and it was barely big enough for the 3 of us!
That kind of flying is safer than you might think! Good for you son. I wish him many happy and safe hours in the air!


Wow.. sounds awesome! Think of all of the fiber festivals you could go to with a pilot in the family!

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