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November 21, 2006



I hope you (and your MIL) are feeling better soon! My brother and SIL have been struck by a cold sort of thing that has lingered for over a week, so our Thanksgiving is in jeopardy, too...


I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

Oh, and I'll see your neighbor's azaleas and raise you all of my rose bushes and one lavender plant (I have no idea why the lavender's blooming). It just occurred to me yesterday to bring my bougainvillea bonsai indoors as they're a tropical plant and prolly haven't enjoyed the nightly low's :-)


That sure sounds like a mysterious illness; glad it seems to have left.

We had a dusting of snow overnight. It's supposed to be rather nice for the next few days. The sun (that missing object in the sky) was out today. It's been so long that it was really quite blinding!


Hope you feel better


Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, but glad that things are looking up! Happy Thanksgiving!


we will all have to have a spin-in at my house soon!


Even though I love snow, I'm hoping for none this year so my husband won't have to plow, because I honestly don't think he could handle it this year.

Glad your back is feeling better. If it hurts like that again though, maybe see a doctor. Back pain could be a plethera of things. I worry abuot my blogger friends.

But then worrying is something I do pretty good at.

Take care, hope your MIl makes it down to ATlanta safely.


I hope you continue to recover! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Janice in GA

Hope you're feeling 100% soon! And best wishes to the MIL. There's some snow in North Carolina (I see it via my favorite webcams), but nothing but frost on the ground here.


No snow here either. It's comfortably warm out, which is Not Right for Vermont in November. Oh, well.

Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Amy Boogie

In the spring we all had that weird aching sickness. Freaky really. I hope you are on the mend and it doesn't come back. We don't have any snow yet either. I'm don't think Northern Maine has had much either.


There was snow on the ground on my drive to work this (oops - yesterday) morning. Pity I didn't have my camera.

Hope you get well and stay well to enjoy your holiday!

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