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November 16, 2006



Congrats to Cory for pursuing his dream.....hope you get to go flying with him! You'll love it.


Flying is so exciting! And worriesome, when it is your loved one doing the driving!


Congratulations to Cory!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like a good day for plenty of tea and knitting.

Can't wait to see the stockings. You know, that's almost socks and we all know I love me a good sock. ;0)

Janice in GA

Yay Cory and solo flight! See mom, he CAN do it and be safe. :)

Hope you feel better soon. I was out in that rain entirely too much the other day and right now I'm fighting a bit of sniffles myself.


Horray for Cory and his solo-flight! I hope you can fend off the nasties so that you'll be well enough for Guild on SUnday!!!! I really want to see you! (and my merino roving.. hee hee...)


Here's hoping you manage to fend off the uglies!

It's still raining here. We seem to be in a pattern of a nice day followed by a week of rain. We were saying earlier today that we seem to be living in a rain forest.

Here's a joke...Satan was sorting through his latest arrivals. Every now and then he would push someone over to a nearby group, rather than admitting them to hell. One of his minions asked him why. Satan answered: They're from western New York and too wet to burn.

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