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November 02, 2006



Look at you go! Check out all of those FO's

julia fc

I've knit with that yarn in the aran weight and liked the fabric so much. I predict it will be a wardrobe staple. Such sweaters are bland to knit, but always the first to be worn. Have at it


My, you've been productive! Those Fetchings go fast, but the sweater, too! I love the patch sweater (without the patches); isn't it clever how the photo stylists go so far to prevent one from seeing what the actual sweater looks like?

Fifteen pounds is a substantial chunk to lose. Congratulations.


Boy are you on a finished streak!! LOVE the Fetchings and LOVE that sweater. Love that new one you are starting as well. If you look close you can see there is detailing in it, just not exactly what.


jane -- someday we'll be twins - I have the everyday cardy in exactly the same color. Of course, I have not cast on, yet.........that is inspiring me to do so!


Love those Fetchings. Do they stay snug around your fingers?


Congratulations on finishing so many projects! Love your sweater, and fetching looks so warm. I would like one in every color, when I finish my CPH. Good luck seaming your afghan!


Beautiful cardigan - Way to go! See what finishing does. ;-) Love the gloves! I am working on some as well. And guess how bought the Yorkshire Tweed from that eBay store as well... Sorry I missed y'all last Wednesday. Have a great weekend!


Beautiful sweater, Jane, and just in time for the cooler weather.

Hope those five pounds come off quickly. I'll be heading down the diet trail starting tomorrow. Hoping to lose about 50!

Janice in GA

Hooray on the weight loss!


The Fetching and the Sweater are lovely! Excellent work knitting AND finishing! Can't wait to see the new sweater develop!


Oh fetchings are awesome. I need some!!


Wow, you're on a roll! Fetching is on my list of things I want to knit, as is the Everyday Cardigan. I like the Hobo Patch sweater too. Hmm. Guess I'm saying I really like your taste in knits!


Fetching is definitely on my list of projects that I want to do.

Congrats on losing 15 lbs. I'm only slightly ahead of you at 18 lbs.


*gasps* what.. no socks?
hee hee. I love the sweater and mitts.. Those are on my 'to make' list as well just without that weird picot bindoff.


I'm so with you. I'm a CashmerinHo. I did my fair isle mitts with it and they are doing great so far. Your Everyday looks like autumn perfection!


Everybody is making Fetching, it must be a fetching project. ha ha. They look great though, I think they are on one of my to do lists.


Those two pairs of fetching look great! I have heard that yarn is divine to work with. :) The cardi looks wonderful. You did a fantastic job. :) I can't wait to see the afghan.


So much prettiness. Everything is looking gooooood. oh, btw, I contacted Paula at PHSG about borrowing the drum carder. I'm going to try blending the camel with the silk I have and spin it like that. What think?


I'll be starting the EC before the end of the month - any quirks I should know about? Mine will be in the Grassroots color in worsted weight. I'm really looking forward to starting it - especially if it has the potential to turn out as nice as yours!

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