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November 22, 2006


Amy Boogie

Happy thanksgiving. I hope it was still a good one and that Jim's Mom is better soon.


Awww from me,too.

Being both American and Cdn, we celebrate CDN T-Day in Oct and freeze part of the turkey for US T-Day, which is at a hectic time for me at work. So, today I'm eating leftover leftovers!


Hope your day was a good one, even if you weren't with your hubby! Not only did I have a helping of turkey in his honor, I had a second piece of pumpkin pie!


yummmmy, banana bread! congrats on all the years of marriage.


awwwwwwww, hope Jim's Mom
feels better
and that you are
able to at least
speak to him on the phone
on Turkey Day...
Blessings to you...
is that banana bread
I smell?


Happy Happy Thanksgiving, and our prayers for Jim's mom.


Have a wonderful time! My younger stepson's girlfriend is joining us this year (her sister is in NYC with her parents, as she about to dance in the Macy's parade today!) and my older stepson is away at college. We've invited another family to join us, so it will be a new dynamic around here.

I hope your changed plans don't make the day any less enjoyable for you. There's always Christmas....


And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too (or is that two?)! I do the whole meal thing, but I have learned to delegate most everything so it's pretty manageable now. As I type, the turkey is in the smoker. Now there's a low-key way to prepare a meal!


Mmmmmmmm...banana bread (done in my best Homer imitation).

Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh I'm so sorry that your MIL is that ill!! But what a great hubby Big Jim is to be with her! Have a happy and safe one!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Jane! I'm thankful for all of the new friends that I've made as well.. and you are definitely included!


Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I will keep your mother-in-law in my thoughts and prayers that she feels better soon.


Happy Happy to you too!

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