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October 03, 2006



I hope I'm still in time for the contest. I'm in CST, so it's just 11:35 PM here on 8 October. Here's a link to the socks I've made (and am still making!). Thanks for the fun times!

Mama Bear

Getting in just under the wire! I don't know if midnight was Eastern Time, Pacific or something else, but in case it's Eastern...

My post is here with LOTS Of sock photos :)

Thanks for the fun! Enjoying everyone's photos.

Mama Bear

Pink Dandelion

Forgive me for using a pre-existing post, I wasn't sure I was capable of being any more artistic than this -


Okay, there was no way I could top last year's photo, so I just dug out the new 11 pair and snapped those. I really like how those green and black ones jump out at you in your photo!


My entry is here Enjoy!


Hi! I just stumbled upon your contest and decided to enter with my very first pair of socks - they are handspun, hand-dyed with Kool-Aid, and they are one of my proudest knitting moments. I've gone on to knit many more, but these will always be my favorites. Thanks for the cool excuse to show them off!


Oops! Forgot the link!


Okay, my picture is up!

kristi and otis

My first pair of knitted socks for the Knitting Olympics.


Whew! I remembered:


Here's my sock picture! I've included my dog in a shameless ploy to influence the judges. :)


Most of my socks have gone on to better homes......but here is a pair still in my custody. It's my fave.


Okay, I've posted my socks. It's no where close to 63 though.

Thanks for a repeat of the contest. I enjoy seeing everyone's socks.

Teresa C

I have a lot of catching up to do, my sock drawer is wimpy compared to yours!

I'll try to get a photo by tomorrow!

Eva Lunde

HereĀ“s my favourite pair, Yarrow ribbed socks in Socks that Rock Fairgrounds.


I'm in again. My "socks" are in my most recent post, which I just updated: If that doesn't work, just try my regular URL, it should be the top post.
Thanks for hosting!


I told myself that I wouldn't enter this year (and I haven't knit my winnings from last year), but those prizes brought out the sock lover in me. Here are my socks (I'm up to 23 3/4, but 4 have left the house as gifts).


Here's mine - much more impressive than last year!


Your socks look terrific and very neatly stored! You can find mine here:


Okay my picture is up. It's a sad little picture.

Friday, October 6 post.


Here's my picture! Enjoy!


Okay, this isn't the most creative picture of socks, but I like this one:!349FC0955A3D5026!1887.entry


Mine are up for the world to see:


Wow! That's a lot of socks! :) I flashed my socks on the first. The post is here:

Thanks for the contest!


I have knit six pairs so far, but 5 have been gifts and these were the only two pairs I could get my hands on. So here is my contest entry. OK, here it is, my willing, but not to happy about it, acomplice.


There's mine. Not an entry for the artistic prize but it's a good amount just the same.


Here's my version of a "sock-flashing".

Happy knitting!

limedragon :-: Harriet

This one ( is my favorite sock photo so far this year. :)

(63 pair? woeee!)


I wish I could show you the socks...they're still at Southern Living! :)


Wow that's a lot of socks. Okay I'll have to see what I can do.


Hmm, I've knit a whopping 6 pairs so far. I own one pair and will have to borrow a gifted pair for the pics. The others live to far away. *pout*


I also love knitting socks, but I am astounded by the abundance and beauty of your finished sock stash! Here is a photo and ode to some of my favorite socks.


sounds like fun..............I'm in.....


Thanks for sharing the photos of your house and town. It looks so pretty there! I can't wait to see more. DH and I talk about moving to GA one day, when I can't take the winter another minute. Your photos are so tempting!


63 pair. Wow. Well, when you have too many...I know where you can start sending them... ;)

I'll take a picture of my few tonight.


I used my socks for my ABC-Along S just the other day! The day was cloudy, so the photo isn't the best. Them's my socks, though!

63 pairs...I think I've made 20!


I have one pair and my husband may have two. No pictures will be forthcoming.


Well, how about a sock on vacation? There's more pics of the vacationing sock, but I picked this one:


Wow. Those are some organized socks!!


Geez woman.. I knew you knit a lot of socks but 63 pair? holy crow! I'm lucky to be one of the happy homes that your handknit socks went to.. I'll have to pull them out and photograph them!

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