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September 24, 2005



Try living in Kansas where they have been the laughing stock of education ever since the evolution fiasco several years back. Now that is embarrassing.


My goodness, all I can say is I'm glad I don't have kids going to school in Georgia.


I'm not from GA, but I live in SC right on the border of GA. My daughter attends private school in GA. I personally think it was an asinine thing to do--cancelling school. Many parents have been on TV talking about how this is bad for the kids' education. Think about the poor parents (many of them who are not wealthy by any means) who now are faced with either taking a day off work (possibly without pay) or paying for child care. Sonny, if I could vote for you, I would not!

Thank goodness my daughter's school was bright enough not to cancel classes.

*end of rant*

Janice in GA

Well, I can't speak for any other county, but I know that Gwinnett has 3 snow days built into the calendar as it stands right now. So if they use Monday and Tuesday as snow days, they'll still have one left in reserve. The schedule already allows for that number of days to be missed.
The additional bit of information that I heard too was that there was a pipeline from TX to GA that had been shut down. I actually saw this as a pro-active step to try to do something before pumps were empty -- not necessarily a bad thing. But I have no kids that I have to find other things to do with, so my opinion may not count.
I do know, however, that on days where school is out, traffic is MUCH less than it is on other days.


You're probably forgetting the most important thing, Jane. This is most likely another ploy to maintain our national ranking in test scores, etc., (LAST!). Remember the distinction requires lots of fancy footwork, for sure. My contention over the past several years through my experience working in the public school system is that schools have become daycare centers for our young people. Parents allow kids to check in and out on a whim - forget that they just might be missing instruction! I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen school buses pull up to the front door only to let off 4 or 5 kids. Maybe the gov actually does know what he's doing! Don't even get me started about the buses that come from So. Fulton where many of the kids "chose" to ride Marta and arrive late everyday and we're supposed to applaud their effort to get here because we don't understand their lifestlye. Thank goodness my kids are OUT!


My kid is already subject to block scheduling and this is by far the most asinine thing done. How is he going to make this up? At the end of the semester, they are done with classes and come back from christmas with a different schedule.



Pretty much my thoughts too when I saw the blurb on CNN's crawler this AM. Only I'm not from GA. I know: Let's all call our gov. and ask them to cancel school too. Then we can watch crime rates climb while test scores plummet. Cuz ya know, Jr ain't got no sitter so he's gonna go out and leave his mark on the world by loitering, leavin' his tag (or her tag) on the train cars, bust out a window or two and score him some blow. And if we're really lucky, it'll happen in communities where police forces have been forced to cut back on patrols and answering some emergency calls due to the cost of fuel. All while Halliburton, Cheney and Bush fiddle... .

Rant on. I love a good rant. Can't ya tell? lol

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