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September 30, 2005



Wait! Here is another sock! And my cat is sniffing it! Argh, what time zone are you in??


Wow - it's 10:23 and here is my sock picture link. I just found ot about it a few minutes ago so forgive the quality (or lack thereof) of my picture.

Teri P

Dang it - sorry Jane... here's the link:

Teri P

Whew! Just made the deadline... Fun contest Jane! I had just documented all my singletons when I found out about your contest (on Claudia's blog), so I hadta get out the pairs as well.


Hey, I was just talking about my sock collection a couple of months ago on the blog.

And I'm doing my best to keep it growing.


Oh, what gorgeous sock yarn and fun contest! I'm crossing fingers and wool-covered toes. Here's my link (and thanks, it's fun):


Here are mine!


Me too, me too! (It was kind of fun in a weird way.)


I've posted my picture. You can find it at

Fannie Pie

What an amazing assortment of socks here! I was inspired to post mine too!

It's been fun checking out everyone's socks!Thanks!


This is a fun constest! My picture of my socks went up today. Here's the link.


Jane -- what a great contest! Here's my entry:


My wee stash is pictured here:


I'll play along sometime today at

Good lesson on remeasuring before heading off to IKEA. I measured the boys' rooms a couple months ago, won't be going there (12 hour drive away!)until next month, and won't be setting them up until after Christmas, so I think, after snapping sock pictures, I'll get out the tape measure again...just to be sure.


hi there - i'm a relative newbie compared to some of these folks, but i'll play along - i didn't get a chance to put this in a post (i'm at work, no blogging from work) but here's a pic - - one of those pairs was knit by my sockpal from sockapal2za and one of the pairs i knit was sent to alaska for that. i knit another pair that was gifted away, too. those are the ones that still live with me - enough to keep me warm until i finish the next three pairs on the needles!


I'm playing!


I'll post a picture of my only pair of finished socks on my blog at .


Woops, sorry for the double entry! Didn't mean to do that ...


I tried to make an impressive picture, but it's not. Well, I'm very proud of my socks, considering I've only been knitting them for 6 months now!



I don't have that many yet, but they are now up on my blog! :D (entry of Friday Oct.7th).


julia fc

I loved this exercise: I haven'yt gathered them together in one place, ever! I'm still missing a few (gotta check under the couch!), but here they are!


I've only been sock-knitting for a bit over a year, so here's my meager entry:



I posted my two pairs of finished socks on my blog: I am planning to knit many more!
Great contest idea!

carla Hibbard

Wow what a cool contest! I was going to play but after seeing sock bug- I don't know amazing!


I listed one twice instead of this, my first-ever pair, which I call the $175 socks because of class + babysitting + yarn!


All my sox, since I've not made many:
Ooops, I didn't save a finished Sockapal2za shot. Currently casting on second sock in Bearfoot . . .


Hi Jane. I'm playing at

And that Nano is delicious-looking.


Posting my sock stash ( ) made me realize how selfish I am--the only ones I've ever gifted are 1 to my kid, 2 to The Spouse, 1 to my sister, and 1 to my sockapal2za partner.

Nancy Griswold

The link I gave earlier does not seem to work now. I'll try again. My socks are shown here:


I came over from Susan's blog....nice place to visit with lots of nice knitting :)

I'm an avid sock knitter but never knit ANY for myself until now! Coincidently, I just posted my first(and only)self knit socks on my blog here

Thanks for hosting this cool contest!

Nancy Griswold

I don't have a blog, but I created a folder on Yahoo photos for you to see my socks. It is located at:

These are hy husband's and mine. I have also gifted several pairs to my daughter and son. I'd just love that Lorna's Laces you have there......

What a fun contest!


Hi, me again!
I forgot to tell you how much I admire that beautiful chest of drawers. Cherry, right? My husband's a woodworker and I used to work in a store that sold custom-built cherry and other hardwood furniture. Yours is just lovely!


I've posted a picture of my socks in today's blog entry.
Trying not to covet!
Nice blog you have here, and very nice knitting, too!


I have only 1 pair of socks to share, but they are my fav... my friend spun the yarn ( right off her sheep) and I dyed it on one of our days together..

ok in this pic they arn't done, but I swear to you that I have worn


I don't have quite as many socks as some of you here but picture is up too.


Even if I don't win, I loved getting out all of my socks for the photo! It's hard to squeeze 57 pairs into one picture!


In honor of the contest I made a new photo album on my blog:
I think that's pretty good for someone who's only knit about 18 months so far! :)


Hi Jane. I finally posted a picture of my entire sock collection on my blog. All FOUR pairs of them! Don't hold back...feel free to show your shock and awe...yes....FOUR pairs of socks! Wow, how do I do it?

I really am itching to start #5. Which will really only give me 4 pairs again. Oh well, it's a learning curve, right?


All my socks? Well, I'm just starting to get the sock bug. I made one pair for my husband a while ago, but just finished my first ones for me! Woo hoo! You can see them at

Oh yeah, I also have a pair of Broadripples on the needles, and am about to cast on for the 2 more pairs ... and have 2 more pairs worth of yarn in the stash, and another ball for kids' socks for some family members.

This time next year, I might be able to post a photo like yours!!


ALL my socks? Well, I have one pair I've photographed, that's here:

Now I'm inspired to take pictures of the other 3 pairs.

And I love that shawl! BTW, I got here via Woolybuns. :)


Great contest! I posted a photo of my first and so far only pair of finished handknit socks at

I do have another pair close to finished.


Not as many as you'd think from someone with a blog with 'sock' in the name.


Okey dokey....the socks on up on my blog. ;)


Not as many socks as you but a good start I think...
Great idea for a contest!


I've only completed 2 pairs so far - and one miniature sock - but they're all in a picture at the above location, displayed by my faithful teddy bear, Earnest E. Bear.


Hmmm . . . I guess to enter your contest I have to get my butt in gear and collect up all the hand-knit socks that I haven't gifted away. Maybe that will give me some incentive to weave in the ends on several pairs that are otherwise complete. I can't seem to completely finish anything without a deadline looming.


Impressive number of socks. I especially like the new ones in the recent post - red and purple. I think I may have that colorway. Gotta check.


Okay . . . such as it is, there's a picture of my socks on my site!


Okay that's a lot of hand-knit socks. So far I only have 4 pairs, that are actually wearable. Although I do have enough sock yarn for at least 30 more pairs.


I just couldn't help myself. The total is pitiful, but I am working on it:

BTW, the Billy bookcases rock. I will warn you that the shelves sag under the weight of heavy books (e.g., text books). We added some screws through the back into the shelves to help support the middle. Ours are now used mostly for toys and games in Young Man's room.

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