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September 11, 2005



Amble turned out amazing. Wonderful socks.


Hey Jane, I'm catching up on Quiddity and loving all your projects. Trish's bag is adorable. Just when I think I've seen it all when it comes to felted bags, somebody comes up with something original!



Beautiful socks! Your sock drawer must be overflowing! Lucky you! ;)


That doily is gorgeous! How big is it? Hard to tell from the photo with nothing to reference the size. Love your new sox too. I am hoping to bind off my beach sox tonight. Anothe 1/2" or so of ribbing, methinks. Have a great time...let me know when you're back!


Wow that doily is amazing. I sat there looking at the picture not even realizing the pansies were attached, thinking you had just photographed it that way for artistic appeal, then read the remainder of your post and saw they were part of it. Beautiful!


I have some odd skeins of Koigu so I'll be interested to see how long your Branching Out scarves end up.

Amble is great - even if it's not super soft, it shows the stitch definitely just fine. A feat in and of itself!


Such pretty candy for the eyes! As usual, lust for FOs is dripping from my every pore. It's a good thing a little envy between friends isn't harmful. lol. Enjoy the trip...can't wait to see pics!

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