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July 08, 2005



Wow, another Happy Hollister fan. I wasn't sure there was another on the planet!! I think I have all but 2 of the books. No advice for getting rid of the mildew--sorry.

The sox look great!


Great job on your Chutes and Ladders socks. I just finished my pair, and wish that I hadn't already promised them away as a gift. I love them so. ;)

Good luck de-musting the books. What a treasure to you. :)


I LOVE those socks!!! The pic is making it look more of a hot pink than red but either case, I really like them.....I REALLY need to get in gear and get some projects finished......

And even though we arent in Dennis' direct path, its already a soggy one....


A conservator (sp?) I know puts moldy books in trash bags with kitty litter, then out in the sun for a couple of days and then repeats the process (obviously you use fresh litter each time)
I've also heard of rubbermaid containers with the humidity tubs (damp rid) inside being used to good effect.
Methinks a google search is in order!


The socks look great. I've thought about knitting that pattern myself~ glad to see a finished pair.

Thanks for your good advice on my blog post yesterday. :)


Love those socks! I must try that pattern!


Love your socks! And I hope you get those books in shape!


I think you're doing pretty much all you can. The sunshine and Lysol are your best bets. My library system has a branch in a town on the river and I've been through the rush to save some books and attempt to disinfect others more than once. :(

Bake 'em til they're crispy!

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