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July 13, 2005



You're right, Jane, the Trekking doesn't seem to have any discernable "repeat" just flows from one set of colors to the next. I LOVED knitting with that was always a surprise to see what colors blended together next. Diane loved mine so much I wanted to send her some for her birthday. I wasn't able to find more #100 but found one very similar and she loved it. I have been contemplating "Birch" myself, but it's way down on the list. I can't wait to see what yours looks like! Glad to hear you're not flooded. I've been worried about ya!


Loved your picture and description of the Trekking sock yarn so much that I found some at an online store and ordered it.




Congratulations to your husband on his new job! That's wonderful news. I can't wait to see your FBS blocked. It looks pretty even unblocked though. I haven't touched mine in the past week. How many repeats did you do? All the socks looks great too. You sure do turn out socks fast! :)


Glad you were able to spend the rainy time so wisely. ;o). Lovin' that Trekking sock. Might just have to get me some of that...soon!


I LOVE the trekking socks!

Teresa C

Zephyr is the best. Can't wait to see FBS blocked.

Janice in GA

I can't wait to see your Birch in the Zephyr. And your FBS blocked. I've already seen the Trekking socks (fabulous, as usual.)

Stay dry!


I can't wait to see your pics of Birch in Zephyr! It's not mohair! I might be able to knit it after all! Could I fit any more exclamation points into a comment?! No! ;)


wow! you certainly made the MOST of the yucky wet weather....
LOVE that color#100...
off to google ;)


Wow, you've been busy! We haven't had as much rain as you, just this terrible humidity and high pressure. It just ends up giving me a headache.


I've been worried about you as I heard Atlanta had a ton of rain.
Having just finished FBS in Zephyr I can tell you that you'll love knitting with it. The color will be perfect for Birch. You might be giving Susan the sock queen a run for her money!

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