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July 16, 2005



What stunning sock well done. Like jewels. I have teh Trekking range and find they look more than ordinary in the ball and they they metamorphis as they are knit. Congratulations from Wintry Melbourne, Australia


General Ginger

That is one delightful color way on those socks!


my girlfriend lives an ocean away. literally. i wonder if you could knit me a raft.

Amy Boogie

I'm in love with that Trekking colorway. I can't believe I don't own any yet.

Your FBS is just gorgeous. It's on my list and I have the yarn spun up for it but I'm firmly in the grasp of Birch right now.


Wow! Will you bring the shawl to SnB tomorrow night? It's lovely. I'd be jealous if I weren't in awe.

By the way, I tagged you for a meme. Don't hate me, please.


Okay first off those socks are fabulous! I absolutely love the colors and they look so warm and cozy. I really wish winter could be all year round so I could wear warm and cozy socks all year round, there truly isn't anything better in my mind.

And the shawl is great! I think I need to concentrate on working on my lace weight shawls next, because I agree one would be great this fall with a turtleneck or over a blouse.


Beautiful Flower Basket shawl. I really like the socks, too.


Love the socks...very cool colour! The shawl is gorgeous, I really need to make me a shawl!


oh, now I must get a move on and finish my lacey sweater so I can be *ready* when the Trekking yarn arrives...
I took a knitting break to read the new HP!
I TRIED to slow down and savor it, but I just GOBBLED it greedily!
It is SO hot and humid here they issued a heat indices warning....


I'm so glad you found Main Street Yarns! I miss them--trying to find a yarn store in Atlanta to replace them has been hard.
The FBS is gorgeous. It reaffirms that I definitely MUST knit it immediately after I take the Bar. Maybe I'll try the Misti Alpaca, too.


I think I need to knit a smaller FBS for my neck, too. Yours is lovely! And those socks are just too much fun.


Another stunning pair of socks and the FBS is to die for! Glad to see you are enjoying that much needed "me" time.

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