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July 29, 2005



Hmmm, I typed this then hit enter or maybe not, but here it goes again. I love pooling yarn, but I don't like this. I love the pattern and thing the width is really nice for a shawlette, but just not in this yarn. Maybe a smaller width would help, but that is completely up to you.


I typically love pooling yarns, but I think if this were my project after a bit I'd be tired of wearing it. So I say frog it. Whether or not you re-knit in a smaller size, well that I really don't have much of an opinion on. I do like it in the wider pattern and think it would make a great shawlette int hat size, just not in that yarn.


Ok LOVE the pattern, I think its beautiful. And the yarn is really nice too, but I'm not loving it together. The bright pink pooled together is very distracting. I LOVE the soft blues and greens on the other side of it. My opinion, make the scarf half the size that it is now (how wide is it btw?). It should break up the pooling of the pink blob and also the blues and greens.


I love the stitch pattern and the yarn. But maybe seperately. I do think if it was a bit narrower it would be beautiful. Hate to tell anyone to rip~ especially when only seeing a picture. But if you're not 100% in love, I would rip.

Janice in GA

Hate the color pooling. (You said be honest.) Changing the number of repeats may make it go away.


The colors are gorgeous, but I think the puddle of pink draws your eye and takes away from the beauty of the pattern itself. I think I might try it narrower and see what the colors do, or knit this in a solid yarn to show off the stitches. If doing the latter, I'm sure you'll find something to do with this lovely yarn.


I am with Donna. I love the yarn, but the pooling looks a bit too blotchy.

I also love the pattern. Will you lemme see it up close and personal? Huh? Huh?

I'm coming to SnB this Tuesday. Wednesday is my birthday and I'm taking it off. So, I'm going to do whatevuh I want!


I like the pooling--looks sort of like tie dye. I also like the pattern stitch.


I love variegated yarns, and pooling doesn't usually bother me, but the scarf isn't doing it for me. The colours are gorgeous, but it looks a bit unbalanced. I think thats what I mean! The big blob of bright pink bothers me, I think.
I'd restart it in a narrower width. The yarn and the pattern are lovely!


You should rip it out and send the yarn to me! It's absolutely beautiful. You have no idea the amount of yarn envy I'm feeling.

It would probably do better with a couple less repeats width-wise if the pooling hurts your eyes.

So very intense. I can't say enough how gorgeous those colors look.

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