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June 03, 2015



Your shawls are gorgeous. I especially like Washington Park. Simply lovely.

Will be hoping Gracie and Socks both are doing better soon.


Gorgeous stuff as always! Funny abt those socks! I noticed them right away when I scrolled down. Would love to hear what happened with the yarn. LOVE the Perfect Storm! Had to go to Ravelry to check out the details. Sorry to hear abt Socks. BUT if he's still running around like crazy, then you know he's not that bad yet!!! One kidney huh?? Who knew???

And your dh is coming back home? I canNOT believe it's been 5 years that he's gone. It doesnt seem like it has been that long when you said he was moving. Yes it will be quite the adjustment but I'm sure you guys will do fine. And Hawaii?? Woohoo!!! Sounds wonderful!

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