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June 25, 2014



I am not a fan of bitter cold, but I'd do winter cold anytime over "hot as hades". Me and my hot flashes and summer don't mix well.

That's a very pretty hydrangea. I don't care for the blue ones, they scream "little old lady garden" to me.


Funny, when I saw your picture of tubularity, I thought there were seven cowls, one in each colour! And I've now favourited the Wave shall. I need something light like that in turquoise. Thanks for the updates.


Yes we were down your way last week for a wedding and it was hotter than hades!


I think there WILL be a pleasant surprise. To me, the squares look perfect ....just like the ones on the pattern page.

So, one large skein of sock yarn will make "Wave"? Looks like a pretty project and I think I have a few larger yardage sock yarns in my stash.

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