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July 13, 2006



Moving and buying and selling homes. Just the thought of it is enough to keep me in this one for a few more years at least. Hope you get settled soon.
The socks are lovely!


Too bad about Jim's car. I chose to give up standard transmissions after knee surgery a few decades ago. I can still drive standard, but it's much easier on me to have an automatic.

I'll mentally keep my fingers and toes crossed that your buyer works out!


I feel for Jim. I drive every day in Atlanta traffic but I wouldn't trade my manual transmission for anything. And it is becoming very hard to find them anymore. Are you going to the big tent sale at Why Knot Knit on Sunday?

Amy in StL

I LOVE those socks! I'll have to try that pattern on my next trekking socks. I have a high performance car and purposely bought an automatic tranny. After much research, I discovered that automatics these days are actually quicker to respond than manually shifting. Plus, I drive most days in heavy traffic, so it's great for my daily drive.


You got awesome goodies!! I love getting handmade stuff - it's so much better! Love the socks!


I love the socks! It's one of my favorite Trekking colorways.

That is a perfect small project bag. Very pretty fabric.

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you with the house sale!


Sending many good vibes!

I love those socks!

Janice in GA

Good luck on the house! and the car. I like manual transmission (not high-performance) and it's getting danged HARD to find one these days.


I agree - Mouse is brilliant with the stitch markers! Your Trekking socks are gorgeous.

Hope things go well with the house and that Jim finds a car quickly...


Your alteration of the pattern makes it look a lot like the Gentleman's fancy sock from Knitting Vintage Socks! Looks good though!


What a great bag, she is very talented. And I love those stitch markers, especially the ones with the eyeballs.


Hi -- I wanted to post yesterday to tell you how envious I am of your yarn shopping with your family, but typepad wouldn't cooperate.

Sending good wishes your way for a buyer for the house and a car for your husband. I feel so bad for him...I love my car and would miss her terribly if something happened. So I hope you have good news on this front very soon!

Your socks are great -- I love the purple!


Good vibes coming your way that Jim finds something he likes.

I love the socks -- great pattern, great color. And I'll leave you with this little ditty now running through my head;

llama, llama, duck. ;-)

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